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Local interests matter!

Rheebo let's you focus on things that matter most within your community. Learn what makes your local merchants and non-profits special, find useful information about schools, sports, health, pets and interact with those that share your like interests!

Rheebo is a free resource for community members

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Local Business

You're an important part of the community!

We realize that you're busy and understand that keeping up with all of the latest ways to create exposure for your business is not only time consuming but can be expensive and requires some expertise!

Ready for something different? Let us show you how you can interact with your customers, potential customers, other businesses and non-profits just by being part of the community. Spend your time wisely! With Rheebo, it's easy, takes minimal time and won't break the bank!

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Non-Profit Solutions


Everyone you need is here!

As non-profit you're on a mission to create awareness and increase engagement for your cause. Let us show you how to create a sustainable way to to find and engage new donors, manage volunteers and keep your passionate supporters informed.

Rheebo is a free resource for Nonprofits.

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