The Power of Community, the Simplicity
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Sound Familiar?
You're not alone! 76% of small business owners express frustration with their online marketing efforts.


Promote Effortlessly

Branded Business Page

Trouble getting found? Getting to the top of search results can be difficult and expensive. Not on Rheebo. With your search engine optimized business page, people will not only find you, they'll learn all about you. Everything from photos to video, coupons, testimonials and so much more.

Engagement Tools

You need an easy way to tell your story and an even easier way to enable people to spread the word about you on their social sites. We call it "Social Word of Mouth" and  Rheebo has 6 different ways that you can inspire your fans to become your brand advocate on their social sites.


Rheebo creates communities around shared interests and passions, like pets. If you own a pet store, how awesome would it be to have a community of motivated pet lovers that you can engage? By connecting to other businesses that you know and trust within your pet commmunity, you have your very own referral network too.


You have new fans and loyal fans that love what you do. Why not reward them? Rheebo has a gamification component that rewards your fans with points whenever they do something that benefits your business. A facebook like or share, a comment, a new idea or joining your community. You can choose how the points are redeemed. 

Tools That Help You Grow With Confidence


Having a promotion or a special event? Post it on Rheebo and keep you fan base informed. We reward site visitors to share your event with their friends and family on social media so spreading the word is super easy!


When people have questions, they have access to a diverse community of people, including you, that can provide answers. Find the best answers, ask more questions and create an amazing knowledge base of information.


Blogs are a great way to share your knowledge with your community. We're not talking about a novel, just short informative posts. A tip, insight or whatever is on your mind.


Facilitate conversations around shared interests and passions. Discussions are a great way to interact with your fans and keep them interested in things that are important to them.  


Your community is a valuable source of feedback and ideas. Ok.. some might be a bit off center. But somewhere in there could be a golden nugget of WOW. With voting, let your community decide who has the best idea!


Collaboration is a great thing and a wiki is an ideal way to document community activities and knowledge. Post informative articles, project plans, notes and more.


Emails are a great way to keep your existing and potential customers informed. Rheebo provides a simple email capability that is perfect for the small business. No need to spend money with other services.

Social Sharing

Everything you do on Rheebo whether it's a blog or an event is shareable to facebook, twitter, linkedIn, Pinterest, or Google+. Become that social butterfly right here on Rheebo.

We're here for you

Not only does Rheebo provide you with a world class platform to grow your business, but we're also your biggest fan and advocate. Need support for anything, we're here. Well, maybe not yard work.

Being Part of a Community Has Its Perks


Community has its advantages

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