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We realize that you have your favorite social sites and will rely on them to be your "social hangout".  Our goal with Rheebo is to treat social different, to give you, your local businesses and non-profits a single, reliable destination to engage around things that interest you!

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Rheebo provides a simple to use suite of tools that are built explicity for you, the small business owner. With our tools, marketing and content support, you have everything you need to find, engage, convert and reward new and existing customers!   No expertise required.


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As non-profit you're on a mission to create awareness and raise funds for incredibly important causes. Let us show you a more effective way to create awareness and plug into a credible network of businesses and supporters. Everyone you need to support your cause is here and the best part... Rheebo is a free resource for your cause.

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Benefits of a split system heat pump

Benefits of a split system heat pump

As I was finishing up a wiring job for a split-system (heating and cooling), a neighbor had been watching and came over to the truck and asked what we were doing. He said he was looking at replacing his furnace and wanted to check out this alternative. I thought this would be a great topic to blog about since many people don't know what a split system/heat pump is and what the benefits are!