The Power of Community, the Social Reach
of Rheebo
With Rheebo, you have the power to connect and collaborate with
local people, businesses and non-profits in ONE place

Where Community, Engagement and Loyalty intersect!

Your Town

Just for your town. A place where locals can collaborate and engage around important community topics. Discuss town opportunities, events, challenges, school or sports. Share ideas, ask questions and stay informed.

Shop Local

Supporting local business has never been easier! Find and interact with your favorite businesses and earn rewards when you do.  Our business partners are credible, reliable, and love the communities that they serve. Meet them here on Rheebo.

Social Spaces

Love pets? Wine? Health? Food? Join a social community and interact with others that share your passion. Find answers, share ideas, discuss important topics like "Senior Care or Pets". Know that you have a community behind you.


Your local Non-Profits are on a mission to create awareness and increase engagement for incredibly important causes. Volunteer, donate, share ideas and participate in fun events that benefit a cause you are passionate about.

Local focus, it's amazing...

We realize that you have your favorite social sites and will rely on them to be your "social hangout".  Our goal with Rheebo is to treat social different, to give you, your local businesses and non-profits a single, reliable destination to collaborate without the distractions and agendas of those other sites. Our focus? Local things that matter!  No clutter, no filtering, no selling of information... just people, businesses and non-profits interacting in a fun and valuable way!

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Latest News

Feb 21 2019
  • 3:00 PM
  • Massachusetts

Rheebo is Transitioning

You may have noticed that Rheebo has changed a bit. That's because we're in a phase 1 of a 2 phase transition to a new platform.

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